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My Music.

The newest album from Daniel Stampfel is a ten song collection called, “In For A Ride.” His music has evolved from the buzzing, heartfelt, power-pop of the 90s with New York staples the Inevitable Breakups to crafting songs that would launch At The Moment.

Stampfel’s previous three-song EP titled “Monte Carlo,” released in 2012, featured Steve Schlitz of Hurricane Bells. Following the success of that EP, Stampfel assembled a group of musicians, and together they played his warm, ragged, and stripped-down pop-rock.


In For A Ride is filled with personal lyrics about love and uncertainty; gorgeous harmonies, fluid guitars, and driving percussion. It’s rock ‘n’ roll with a shiny new coat of pop and a dash of rollicking country. It’s relatable as it is hummable.


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